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If you have a swarm of honey bees please don't destroy it unless it is an emergency.  Members of Weardale Beekeepers are usually willing to remove any accessible swarm of honey bees. Contact details can be found below.

Swarms are normally quite calm as long as you leave them alone - although they may look alarming. You are most likely to see swarms in May or June although because swarming is influenced by the weather you may see them earlier or later than this - especially with our chaotic weather patterns these last couple of years.

We can only collect swarms of honeybees so it is helpful to have a description.  Sometimes people confuse wasps and bumblebees with honeybees.  Please check the BBKA website, ( www.bbka.org.uk/help/do_you_have_a_swarm.php )for advice on the differences between honeybees, wasps, hornets and bumble bees.

If you have a problem with wasps, hornets and bumblebees we suggest you contact Durham County Council on 03000 261 000 and ask for Pest Control.

Bumblebees are generally harmless unless they feel threatened.  Their nests do not contain large numbers of bees and are only used for one summer with the occupants departing at the end of summer.  Nor do they cause structural damage.  Should you have a bumblebee nest in your garden or house you should consider leaving it alone as British bumblebees are in decline, unless it is somewhere that conflicts with children or pets, in which case you should contact Durham County Council for advice.

If you have a swarm of honeybees, members in the following areas may be able to assist.

Edmundbyers, Muggleswick, Blancheland, Waskerley, Hunstanworth, and Townfield area - contact 01207 255318

Rookhope area - contact 01388 517573

Tow Law, Crook, Wolsingham - contact 01388 730069

Upper Dale area - contact 01388 537609 or 07887560320 anytime
01388 537058 weekends only