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Issue No 103                                                                                                             October 2019


Summer's over and we're back to our indoor meetings again.  As usual the venue is the same - Stanhope Church Hall, the third Wednesday in the month at 7.30pm so our next meeting is on Wednesday 16th October.  We will review the year and decide future plans.

Reports from the Shows

The beekeeping displays at Wolsingham Show and St John's Chapel proved very popular and, as ever, we are very grateful to all those who gave up their time to work on the stands.



From the Northern Echo
Caring for newborns is seemingly as tough for bees as it is for humans. Research suggests worker bees tending to the young get less sleep compared to colleagues. The team say their findings published in the Journal Current Biology add to emerging evidence that animals are able to give up sleep if the need arises.




Subscriptions are now due and unchanged and remain excellent value at:
Ordinary Members 5.00
Junior Members 2.50
Joint Membership (2 persons) 7.50  

Subs can be paid at meetings or sent to Ros Nichol, Guard House, Lintzgarth, Rookhope,
Durham, DL13 2DF


Chairman:   Dick Graham (01207 542422)*
Treasurer:    Ros Nichol (01388 517573)
Newsletter:  Margaret Graham (01207 542422)*                              *email: mrg@wingrovehouse.plus.com

Regional Bee Insperctor: Mark McLoughlin       mark.mcloughlin@apha.gov.uk     Mobile No: 07500 891425