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Issue No 104                                                                                                           January 2020


Best wishes to all our members for 2020.  The start of a new year is probably a good time to remind members of the equipment held by the association.

We have two manual honey extractors which are normally kept by Andrew Charles.  He also has the container which has a tap at the bottom and a gauze filter which fits on the top.  

We also have four cass of displaying shallow frames of honey, one fo which Dick is renovating and replacing the original glass with toughened glass.   

George Soppitt looks after our observation hive and kidly puts bees in it for our displays at the local shows.  

We have a number of posters and pictures relating to beekeeping for display.

We also have a virtual hive that shows what the interior of an active beehive looks like in photographs.  This will usually be kept by Lynn Ramsay.

Any of the above can be borrowed by members for their use or to promote beekeeping.

Lynn is ordering some sweatshirts for those people helping at our displays at local shows.

2020 Programme

Our indoor meetings start on the 19th February and are held in St Thomas' Church  Hall, Stanhope commencing at 7.30pm.  As in previous years we rely on a raffle on the night to pay for the hire of the hall and  contributions for raffle prizes are welcomed.  As usual, Margaret will provide refreshments free of charge.

Wednesday 19th February

Dot Coe visited Kathmandu and has collected pictures of bees and bee hives Nepal style which she will share with us.

Wednesday 18th March

Ian Jobson, master beekeeper and President of the Northumberland Beekeepers, will talk to us about the behaviour of honeybee colonies.

Wednesday 15th April

To be arranged.  Suggestions welcome.

Northern Beekeepers Convention 2020

Details to be announced soon.  Their volunteers are still working on plans which will come in a slightly different format and be slightly later in the year than normal.




Subscriptions are now due and unchanged and remain excellent value at:
Ordinary Members 5.00
Junior Members 2.50
Joint Membership (2 persons) 7.50  

Subs can be paid at meetings or sent to Ros Nichol, Guard House, Lintzgarth, Rookhope,
Durham, DL13 2DF


Chairman:   Dick Graham (01207 542422)*
Treasurer:    Ros Nichol (01388 517573)
Newsletter:  Margaret Graham (01207 542422)*                              *email: mrg@wingrovehouse.plus.com

Regional Bee Insperctor: Mark McLoughlin       mark.mcloughlin@apha.gov.uk     Mobile No: 07500 891425