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Welcome to Weardale Beekeepers website

Weardale Beekeepers is a welcoming, informal group of beekeepers who share a common interest in local beekeeping.

Our members come from all walks of life and all generations but a love of bees and their welfare binds us together and we welcome new members whether novice or experienced.

We usually meet on the third Wednesday of the month, though this can change so it is always wise to check via the newsletter or the contacts page.  In the winter months our meetings take place in St Thomas's Church Hall, Stanhope starting at 7.30pm.

In late spring and summer we try to meet outdoors and details will be posted in the newsletter.

If you can't find the information you want then please do contact us.

 Just a reminder that this is a members' website.  Please let me know if you want anything putting onto the website.  Articles, photos, items for sale, retail bargains, events you might hear of... anything you think would be good to share.